PhD Course – University of Copenhagen

Ph.d. course in Lund, august 16-17, 2015          

Deadline for registration March 5 2015

Registration is closed

                                            COmposing Cultural Analysis

As part of the 33rd Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference "CO" – Co-productions, collaborations, contestations coming together in Copenhagen 2015, the organizers offer a two-day seminar for PhD students.

& course coordinators
Marie Sandberg (course coordinator KU), Aske Juul Lassen (course coordinator KU), Tom O’Dell (course coordinator LU), Lars Eric Jönsson (course coordinator LU), Orvar Löfgren (LU), Astrid Pernille Jespersen (KU), Morten Krogh Petersen (AAU), Anders Kristian Munk (AAU) & Carina Ren (AAU).

Venue: Lund University, Department of Ethnology

Focus of the course is the composing of cultural analysis on the basis of a heterogeneous ethnographic material and by way of using different analytical strategies and theoretical approaches; how does one get from field notes, observations, source materials, visualisations, transcriptions and insights from the field and archival work to the further steps of crafting cultural analysis? We will discuss different analytical strategies and how to deploy and explore theoretical approaches in meaningful ways in order to make a good cultural analytical story or narration. Taking inspiration from the Swedish PhD ‘textinternat’, we will work closely with the participants’ own texts.

The participants should prepare a paper (max. 20 pages) containing a cultural analysis, which we will discuss in smaller groups during the seminar. 8 researchers from the ethnological departments of University of Lund and University of Copenhagen as well as from Department of Learning and Philosophy (The Techno-Anthropology Research Group) and Department for Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, will work with the students in small groups of 5 students each. These sessions will be supplemented with small presentations of the participating researchers, focusing on examples of ethnological analyses from their own work.

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The course is administered by the Ph.d. School at the Faculty of Humanities. To sign up, please see:

Sign up deadline was march 5 2015

Registration is closed.

The course awards 3 ECTS

You are presented with a course diploma from the Ph.d. school after successful completion of the course.

Information to PhD students participating in the CO PhD course:

It is necessary to sign up for the PhD course as well as the CO conference. However, participation in the PhD course with paper can count as a presentation of a paper at the CO conference. One does not have to present at both. Upon request, the organizers can provide a certificate stating that the PhD student participating in the PhD course has delivered a paper which is connected to the CO conference.

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Grand Hotel Lund
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