Crossroad Archaeology: Global Narratives of Local Encounters – University of Copenhagen

A memorial conference for Professor Klavs Randsborg (1944-2016)

October 26-29, 2017, University of Copenhagen 

The aim of the conference is to honor the scientific achievements of Klavs Randsborg, a longstanding and renowned Professor of World Archaeology at the University of Copenhagen where he had been an influential voice for 50 years. He had also held appointments at the Universities of Washington, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Gothenburg. K. Randsborg was also an active field archaeologist: a track that developed during his participation in the UNESCO campaign to save the monuments of (Sudanese) Nubia and consequently brought Randsborg to his own projects that included work in the Aegean, Norway, the mid-western USA, Ukraine, Russia, Cephalonia, Bulgaria, Ghana, and Benin.
The participants are former collaborators and students. 

About the conference