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Pablo Arboleda, PhD Scholar, Bauhaus‐University Weimar
The paradox of Incompiuto Siciliano Archaeological Park or how to mock heritage to make heritage

Jeff Benjamin, PhD Scholar, Columbia University
Does the past have feelings? Some thoughts on archaeological sensitivity

Arndís Bergsdóttir, PhD Scholar, University of Iceland
Absence as commonplace: The case of the hidden man’s penis and worldly entanglements

Tine Damsholt, Professor, University of Copenhagen
Traces, trails and tracing – doing landscapes of past, presence, and future

Leila Dawney, Associate Professor, University of Brighton
Atoms, mushrooms and scars: living on through futureless times

Marianne Hem Eriksen, Associate Professor, University of Oslo
Traces of persistence, persistence of trace: Architecture, memory, and lived space through deep time in Scandinavia

Christine Finn, Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Forensic art: trace as an aesthetic

Laura McAtackney, Associate Professor, University of Aarhus
Tracing the inconsistently troubling remnants of difficult pasts

Valentina Napolitano, Professor, University of Toronto
The Lampedusa’s Cross: On relics and the ‘politics of seduction’

Liv Nilsson Stutz, Senior Lecturer, Emory University
Traces of Emotion and Resistance. Affective Transformation and Embodied Narratives in Ravensbruck Prison Camp

Louise Purbrick, Lecturer, University of Brighton
Nitrate: the photographic and the archaeological trace

Trinidad Rico, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University at Quatar and Rodney Harrison, Professor, UCL
Echoes of Heritage: the secret of Huemul Island

Aaron Jonas Stutz, Associate Professor, Oxford College of Emory University
Reflecting Natural Meaning: The Ecology of Traces and the Dynamics of Signs

Erin L. Thompson, Assistant Professor, City University of New York
The Writings on the Walls: Saddam and the Evangelicals at Babylon