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programme hidden

hursday September 22nd

8.30                   Registration

9.00                   Conference opening by Anders Holm Rasmussen (head of institute)

9.10                   Introductory remarks: Þora Pétursdóttir & Tim Flohr Sørensen

9.45                   Keynote lecture by Yael Navaro: Spiritual Continuities: Residues of
                         Territorial Transformation                        

10.45                Coffee break

11.00                Valentina Napolitano: The Lampedusa’s Cross: On relics and the
                         ‘politics of seduction’

11.25                Erin Thompson: The Writings on the Walls: Saddam and the
                        Evangelicals at Babylon 

11.50                Trinidad Rico & Rodney Harrison: Echoes of Heritage: the secret of
                        Huemul Island 

12.15                Lunch

13.00                Liv Nilsson Stutz: Traces of Emotion and Resistance. Affective
                        Transformation and Embodied Narratives in Ravensbruck Prison Camp 

13.25                Laura McAtackney: Tracing the inconsistently troubling remnants of
                        difficult pasts 

13.50                Break

14.10                Keynote lecture: Anna Storm: Scars: Tracing important markers in
                        physical and mental landscapes

15.10                Coffee break

15.35                Leila Dawney: Atoms, mushrooms and scars: living on through
                        futureless times 

16.00                Aaron Jonas Stutz: Reflecting Natural Meaning: The Ecology of Traces
                        and the Dynamics of Signs

16.45                Christine Finn: Forensic art: trace as an aesthetic [followed by
                        exhibition cum drinks] 

Friday September 23rd

9.00                   Keynote lecture: Gastón Gordillo: The Forests Destroyed by
                         Bulldozers:An Affective Geometry of the Argentine Soy Boom 

10.00                Coffee break

10.15               Pablo Arboleda: The paradox of Incompiuto Siciliano Archaeological
                       Park or how to mock heritage to make heritage

10.40                Tine Damsholt: Traces, trails and tracing – doing landscapes of past,
                        presence, and future 

11.05                Break

11.15                Keynote lecture: Rodney Harrison: Legacies: Rethinking Heritage and

12.15                Lunch

12.45                Louise Purbrick: Nitrate: the photographic and the archaeological trace

13.10                Benjamin Jeff: Does the past have feelings? Some thoughts on
                        archaeological sensitivity 

13.35                Break

13.50                Keynote lecture: Zoë Crossland: The Temporality of the Trace

14.50                Coffee break

15.05                Arndís Bergsdóttir: Absence as commonplace: The case of the hidden
                        man’s penis and worldly entanglements

15.40                Marianne Hem Eriksen: Traces of persistence, persistence of trace:
                        Architecture, memory, and lived space through deep time in

16.05                Final remarks