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Susan Jones


As an anthropologist and professionally trained urban planner, Dr Sue Jones has undertaken a range of social development consultancies and research work around the world since the 1970s but has always had a special connection with the Middle East and since 1989, and until last year she had a flat in Amman.
She was involved in a World Bank project in Jordan in the 1980s with the Urban Development Department undertaking housing projects, and in the 1990s she was part of a team involved with the Ministry of Social Development, Jordan, in a Social Development Capacity Building project.
Most importantly she has known a group of Bedouin women in Jordan since 1985 and in 2006 completed her PhD – as a longitudinal 20 year study – about the various impacts of the Bani Hamida weaving project.
Currently she is a visiting Research Fellow in the Anthropology Department of Goldsmiths, London University, concerned with empowerment and poverty responses. She is also currently completing a History of Art in Asia postgraduate course as part of her current work on Material Culture in a contemporary context.


She has co-edited two books with Dr Nici Nelson – Urban Poverty in Africa: From Understanding to Alleviation (1999) and Practitioners and Poverty Alleviation: Influencing Urban Policy from the Ground Up (2005) both published by IT and contributed to Urban Livelihoods: A People - Centred Approach to Reducing Poverty (2002) by Carole Rakodi and Tony Lloyd- Jones (Earthscan).
As part of her PhD research she wrote an Impact Assessment about the weaving project entitled Money in my pocket and, together with the Bani Hamida women wrote a brochure (in English and Arabic) about the weaving project.

Other activities

In 2011 she organized an exhibition about the Bani Hamida Bedouin weaving project - Their Past Your Future - at the Constance Howard Research and Resource Centre, Goldsmiths, University of London. Linked to this she organized a one day seminar Material Matters in the Anthropology Department with presentations from around the world.
In 2013 she edited a special Middle East Issue of the Berg/ Bloomsbury publishing journal Textile – entitled Past, Present and Future Threads of Textiles: Materialising voices from the Middle East.

In July 2013 she was awarded a Pasold research grant to undertake a film with the Bani Hamida women about their weaving heritage.