E-Book – University of Copenhagen

05 August 2016


Scholars, practitioners and craftspeople from across the globe met on the workshop to exchange ideas and learn from each other. This online publication is one of the outcomes of the project and is now available as an e-publication on the blog and it can be downloaded free of charge. 

We kindly thank all the participants for their important contributions to the workshop and to this publication. Each author has written from their own perspective, in their own tradition and the texts clearly demonstrate the multiplicity of viewpoints and approaches, and the advantages of joining forces. Furthermore, we warmly thank Camilla Ebert and Lena Bjerregaard for their editorial work and Camilla Luise Dahl for her help with layout and design. We hope that the publication will inspire all those interested in Traditional Textile Craft and result in new and exciting meetings and collaboration all over the world.

Copenhagen August 2016

Eva Andersson Strand and Mary Harlow