Theme 1 – University of Copenhagen

Durango Cocoon Turq Black Body. Photo: Jorie Johnson

Theme 1

Definitions of traditional craft-practice and the use of terminology

Today the use of traditional textile craft and design often equates with an end product of high value, encompassing the notion of excellent quality combined with complicated techniques. It embodies time-consuming processes of production (the longer time it takes to make an item, the higher the value).
On the other hand, a historically traditional design or craft technology can also be perceived as old-fashioned, expensive and conserving the old for its own sake instead of being seen as a part of a living creative dynamic.

Traditional textile design might be considered conservative; textile crafts are often part of the identity of the community, and costume in particular is used to express belonging and exclusivity.
The retention and re-use of traditional terminology and the invention of new terms can be used to track continuity and change. Terminology can also be cross cultural and used to uncover shared cultural practices from the past.