Theme 4 – University of Copenhagen

Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D.

Theme 4

Preserving traditional textile heritage and making it visible

It is essential to preserve this knowledge and skill and also to make its importance more visible to a wider audience. In this workshop different aspects of the use of traditional textile craft and its importance will be explored in order to demonstrate the complexity of traditional textile craft and the many ways it is and can be used.
The aim is also to discuss how we can collaborate in order to safeguard a traditional craft and also to create new and exciting possibilities within the field, and finally to make traditional textile craft more visible.

This will involve textile researchers, museum curators, textile conservators, crafts people, textile designers and textile collectors from a wide range of disciplines and areas, museums, archaeology, anthropology, history, textile craft workshops, design schools.
It is of course essential to collaborate with people who are active in traditional crafts now and we also recognize that there needs to be more dialogue that crosses the boundaries of economics, culture, heritage, design, tradition and the simple need to make a living.
One of our aims is therefore to investigate the possibilities of creating a platform for this dialogue.